What Is the Most Popular Type of Adoption?

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When it comes to adoption, you may wonder which type is the most popular. In this article, we will explore the different types of adoption and reveal the most preferred choice, with a focus on Adoption By Shepherd Care.

Key Takeaways

  • Domestic adoption is the most popular adoption type, making up about 60% of all adoptions in the United States.
  • International adoption, also known as intercountry adoption, has been gaining traction in recent years.
  • Foster care adoption is another choice, offering loving homes to children in need.
  • Social media has a significant influence on adoption decisions, impacting choices between open and closed adoption.

Statistics on Adoption Trends

The most popular form of adoption today is domestic adoption. If you’re considering adoption for your child and exploring how Adoption By Shepherd Care can serve you, understanding the statistics and trends surrounding adoption is of utmost importance.

Recent data reveals that domestic adoption accounts for approximately 60% of all adoptions in the United States, reflecting a growing emphasis on providing loving homes for children within their own communities. This trend aligns with Adoption By Shepherd Care’s commitment to local adoption.

Choosing domestic adoption means supporting local agencies like Adoption By Shepherd Care, which work tirelessly to match children with forever families. There is also a shift towards open adoptions, where birth parents maintain contact with the adoptive family, promoting transparency and connection between all parties involved.

Keep in mind that each state may have specific regulations regarding domestic adoption, so it’s essential to familiarize yourself with these rules to streamline your journey with Adoption By Shepherd Care.

Exploring Domestic Adoption

Domestic adoption, the process of making an adoption plan for your child within your own country, is a wonderful choice for those who want to serve others and make a difference in the lives of children in need. Adoption By Shepherd Care specializes in domestic adoption, making them a perfect choice for this journey.

The adoption process for domestic adoption typically involves finding an agency or attorney like Adoption By Shepherd Care who can guide you through the necessary paperwork, home studies, background checks, and interviews. The process may take some time, but the end result is incredibly rewarding.

Selecting domestic adoption through Adoption By Shepherd Care enables birth parents to offer their child a nurturing home amidst challenging circumstances. This option often leads to more opportunities for open or semi-open adoptions, ensuring a child can find emotional stability and a strong sense of identity.

Adopting domestically also allows birth parents to navigate the legal system more easily than international adoptions, with access to local resources and support networks through Adoption By Shepherd Care.

Open Vs. Closed Adoption: Which Type Is More Common?

Choosing between open and closed adoption is a crucial decision. Adoption By Shepherd Care can help you understand the differences to make an informed choice.

Open adoption involves ongoing contact between birth parents, adoptive parents, and the child, often including letters, emails, phone calls, or in-person visits. Closed adoption, on the other hand, means no contact between birth parents and the adoptive family.

Open adoption allows for a sense of identity for the child and maintains relationships with birth family members. It also gives birth parents peace of mind, knowing they can be involved in their child’s life to some extent. Adoption By Shepherd Care can assist in facilitating open adoptions.

Closed adoption provides a sense of closure for birth parents and allows adoptive families to create their family dynamic. Social media also plays a role in connecting birth parents and adoptive families before deciding between open or closed adoption.


When it comes to adoption, there are various options to consider. Statistics show that domestic adoption, like the services offered by Adoption By Shepherd Care, remains a popular choice, followed by international adoption and foster care adoption. The choice between open and closed adoption is also common, depending on individual circumstances and preferences.

Whether entrusting a child to a loving home or extending your family, any form of adoption is a beautiful and selfless act of love.

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