Modern Adoption

Considering adoption? Discover how a modernized approach to the process has improved for all parties.

The modern adoption process has improved the standard of care for birth mothers, who had little rights or freedom when it came to adoption. Below, you will find ways the modern adoption process is now better for everyone.

You Can Choose The Type of Adoption That You Want

One of the best things about the modern adoption process is that you as the birth mother get to decide whether you want to have contact with your child after they’re born. Gone is the practice of pressuring birth mothers into creating an adoption plan. Choosing the life that’s best for you and your child is at the utmost importance. You can either have an open adoption, which means you’ll be able to see your child and watch them grow up, or a closed adoption, which means you won’t have any contact with your child after they’re adopted. The choice is now yours.

You Can Pick the Family Your Child is Going To

In the past, adoptive families were chosen by social workers without input from the birth mother. In the modern adoption process, you get to review profiles of potential adoptive families and pick the one that you think will be the best fit for your child. You can even meet with them before making a final decision.

You Get a Say on How Your Unborn Child Will Be Raised

Are you considering putting your child up for adoption? Well, you’ll be happy to know that the modern adoption process has come a long way. One of the advantages of this process is that you get to specify how you want your child to be raised! That’s right; you have the power to choose the religion, values, and lifestyle that you believe is best for your child.

Believe it or not, it wasn’t always like this. In the past, birth mothers had little say in how their children were raised after adoption. But thanks to the evolution of the adoption process, you can now play an active role in shaping your child’s future. This development is undoubtedly a game-changer for birth mothers who want to ensure that their child is raised according to their wishes. So, if you’re considering adoption, take comfort in knowing that the modern adoption process puts you in the driver’s seat!

Adoption Isn't Giving Up

Contacting us is confidential and in no way obligates you to choose adoption. Whether you are ready to take the next step in your adoption decision or just want to learn more about choosing adoption for your baby in Florida, our team is always available to further discuss the benefits of adoption. If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and thinking about adoption, you came to the right place – we are here to help you in any way we can. It is normal to have fears, anxieties, and questions about this decision. This is why our team is available at any time, 24/7, to answer your questions, talk to you about adoption and let you know how our agency can help. We can help you find the best adoptive family for your baby.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, most moms choosing adoption want to choose the family that they feel will be best suited to parent their child. We have many wonderful families waiting to be chosen.

Yes, this is your adoption plan and your wishes will be honored.

Florida adoption statutes give us the tools to properly and timely address the birth father’s legal rights. We respect his role in adoption planning and will discuss the best way to work through this process with him.

There is no cost to the mom or dad placing their child for adoption.

Florida law allows us to assist the mother of the baby with reasonable living expenses during the pregnancy and for 6 weeks post-partum. This assistance comes from the adoptive family, through the agency.