Adoption Process

Creating an Adoption Plan:
What You Need To Know

The decision to create an adoption plan is never an easy one. It’s a selfless act of love that deserves to be treated with care and thoughtfulness. If you’re considering adoption, there are a few steps you’ll need to take to ensure that your baby ends up in a safe, loving home.

Choose an Adoption Agency

Embarking on the journey of adoption is a life-changing decision, and choosing the right adoption agency is a crucial first step. Look no further than Adoption by Shepherd Care – an agency that understands the weight of this decision and is committed to finding the perfect family for your baby. With their expertise and support, you can rest assured that your child’s future is in good hands.

Create a Pregnancy Plan

Are you expecting a little bundle of joy but thinking about adoption? A pregnancy plan could be your saving grace! By putting together a pregnancy plan, you’ll be able to map out your preferences for your baby’s future, including who you envision as the perfect adoptive parents and the level of contact you desire post-adoption. It’s like having a roadmap to guide you through the adoption process and gives you a sense of control over the situation. Plus, it’s an excellent way to ensure your baby ends up in a loving home that meets your standards. So, why not take charge of your baby’s future and create a pregnancy plan?

Find the Perfect Family

Choosing to give your baby up for adoption is a tough decision, but it’s also one of the most selfless acts of love a mother can do. Once you’ve made that choice and selected an adoption agency, the next step is finding the ideal family for your precious little one. This is where the magic happens! The agency will become your ally and guide, working with you tirelessly until you find a family that feels like a perfect match. Whether you’re looking for parents who share your faith or values, or simply want to connect with a family who you feel a special bond with, the agency will make sure that your wishes and concerns are heard and addressed. And don’t worry – they won’t leave you hanging after the family is chosen. They’ll be there to provide you with emotional support and advice as you go through the process of signing the adoption papers. Trust us, you’re not alone in this journey!

Sign the Adoption Papers

It’s the moment every birth parent dreads but also knows is necessary – signing the adoption papers. With this act, custody of their precious little one is officially handed over to the adoptive family, and the birth parent’s legal rights and responsibilities come to an end. But what does this mean for their relationship with their child? Well, that depends on the arrangement they have with the adoptive family. They may still be able to keep in touch and receive updates on their child’s life – after all, love knows no bounds.

Birth Mother Services

While the adoption process can be overwhelming, we want to reassure you that there is help available to you if you decide to make an adoption plan.

One way you can receive assistance is through making an adoption plan, which can provide you with financial support for some pregnancy-related expenses. This includes things like housing, utilities, medical care, maternity clothing, and groceries. It’s important to note that the financial support we provide complies with guidelines set forth by Florida law.

We want to make sure you have the support you need during this important time in your life. That’s why we offer assistance with living expenses that can even extend for a few weeks after delivery.

We understand that every situation is unique and we’re here to help you navigate this process in a way that works best for you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or if you need support along the way. We’re here for you.

We understand that transportation can be a major concern for many women during pregnancy. That’s why we’re here to offer our support and help make this time as smooth as possible for you.

Our team can assist you with transportation to and from doctor appointments, work, grocery shopping, or any other places you need to go. We want to make sure that you have access to the resources you need to take care of yourself and your baby.

We understand that getting around can be especially challenging during pregnancy, and we want to make sure that transportation isn’t a barrier to receiving the care you need. We’re committed to supporting you throughout your pregnancy journey, and that includes helping you get to where you need to go.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns about transportation. We’re here to help and support you in any way we can.

We understand that having a safe and secure place to live is crucial, especially during pregnancy. That’s why we’re here to help you find and secure housing that meets your needs.

Our team can assist you with identifying and applying for housing, so you don’t have to navigate the complicated process on your own. We can also help cover the costs of rent and utilities during your pregnancy and for a few weeks after delivery.

We know that financial concerns can add to the stress of pregnancy. That’s why we’re committed to helping you get the support you need to ensure that you and your baby have a safe and stable place to call home. You deserve nothing less.

If you have any questions or concerns about housing, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to help and support you every step of the way.

We understand that getting access to medical care during pregnancy may be stressful and overwhelming. We’re here to assure you that our team will do everything we can to help you through the process.

Our team is dedicated to making sure you have access to the medical care you need during your pregnancy. We can even help you find a medical provider in your area and cover the costs of your care. Plus, if transportation is a concern, we can help with that too. We want to make sure that getting to and from your appointments isn’t a barrier to receiving the care you need.

We work out the details of obtaining care and appointments for the women we work with. That way, you don’t have to worry about navigating the complicated healthcare system on your own. You can focus on taking care of yourself and your baby.

Please know that we’re here to support you every step of the way. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to help.

Your life matters to us. We understand that this may be an overwhelming time, and we’re here to offer you the support and guidance you need.

Our team offers one-on-one support and counseling during your pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond. We’re here to walk with you through every step of your journey, based on your needs and desires. We want to help you make the choices that are best for you and your future.

We would be honored to dream with you about your future and help you build the life you want. We’re available to you any time of the day or night, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you need to talk or have any questions.

Please know that you’re not alone. We’re here to support you and help you in any way we can.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to guide you through the entire process.

Mothers sign adoption consents 48 hours after the birth of the baby or on the day they are discharged from a licensed hospital or birthing center. Fathers can sign an affidavit of non-paternity before the birth of the baby, or adoption consents any time after the birth of the baby.

Yes, the Florida Safe Haven law allows a parent to bring a child within 7 days of birth to a hospital or fire station for the purpose of adoption. You have the right to remain anonymous and no questions will be asked.

It is never too late to make an adoption plan. We can work with you to create a plan for a baby or child.

Yes, Florida law allows you to choose a private adoption for your child(ren). We will file a Motion to Intervene so we can advocate for you. Through private adoption, you can choose and meet the adoptive family and receive pictures and letters throughout your child’s growing up years.

Yes, most moms choosing adoption want to choose the family that they feel will be best suited to parent their child. We have many wonderful families waiting to be chosen.

Yes, this is your adoption plan and your wishes will be honored.

Florida adoption statutes give us the tools to properly and timely address the birth father’s legal rights. We respect his role in adoption planning and will discuss the best way to work through this process with him.

There is no cost to the mom or dad placing their child for adoption.

Florida law allows us to assist the mother of the baby with reasonable living expenses during the pregnancy and for 6 weeks post-partum. This assistance comes from the adoptive family, through the agency.

Please call ASC and one of our counselors will be happy to talk with you about your specific situation. You may also choose to register on the Florida Adoption Reunion Registry.