Pregnant but Not Yet Ready to Be a Mom Now? You Have Options

Are you pregnant but not yet ready to be a mom? You are not alone. Many women like you have faced the same situations in their lives. You have unplanned pregnancy options. There are two options available for birth mothers.

As a birth mother, you can choose from two options.

·       Parenting the baby

·       Giving the baby up for adoption

Parenting the Child

Raising the child all by yourself is possible. Make sure that there is enough support from your friends and family. As you know, it takes a village to raise a child. If you have enough money and resources to raise the baby this option will be suitable for you.

Giving the Child Up for Adoption

Are you planning to give your baby up for adoption in Florida? Adoption is a courageous yet loving option. We want to help you through this adoption process and make sure that you make the best decision for your child. Also, Adoption by Shepherd Care ensures that the best adoption services are offered to our birth mothers.

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Are you thinking about putting your baby up for adoption in Florida or placing the child for adoption in Miami-Dade? Contact Adoption by Shepherd Care.

Create an Adoption Plan

Having an adoption plan is like having a roadmap to guide you through the adoption process. When you are making an adoption plan, you are thinking about securing your baby’s future. You can also determine the level of contact you want post-adoption.

Choose the Right Adoptive Family

Make an adoption plan first, and then you can think about finding the right family for your child. Our team will help you until you find a family that feels like a perfect match for your baby.

Put the Baby Up for Adoption

The final step of the adoption process is to sign the adoption paper and hand over the custody to the adoptive parents. You can stay in touch with the child and the adoptive parents if you select the modern adoption.

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