How Does the Adoption Process Work in Florida

How Does Adoption Work in Florida

Are you unexpectedly pregnant and thinking about what to do now? You can either parent the child or place the child for adoption. Are you someone who wants to give her child up for adoption and wants to know how adoption works in Florida? First, you need to look for adoption agencies in Florida. You can consider working with Adoption by Shepherd Care if you want your child to be placed in Florida.

Currently, we are the oldest adoption agency in Florida. We are a licensed local adoption agency that has been helping birth mothers since the 1980s. We are a Christian-based agency offering adoption support to clients from all faith backgrounds.

How ASC Helps to Simplify the Adoption Process?

Contact Us

You can contact us 24/7 to learn more about local adoptions. We’ll help you understand unplanned pregnancy and its options.

Get Financial Support

Our adoption workers have over 100 years of experience. They will help you with all the options and information so that you can make a conscious decision for yourself and your baby. We will help you get financial support for your prenatal care if needed.

Find the Best Adoptive Family

There is always a family waiting to love your child. We will help you find a loving and kind adoptive family for your baby. These families are pre-screened and verified.

Create a Custom Adoption Plan

Our team will work with you to create a custom adoption plan for your child. Three types of adoption plans are available: open, semi-open, and closed. You can choose any of these plans.

Get Post Adoption Counseling

Post-delivery will be a tough time for birth mothers. Our adoption counselor will be with you to ensure your choices are respected, and your rights are protected. We will create a post-adoption plan that helps you move forward and provide the support you need after adoption.

Contact Adoption by Shepherd Care Today

Do you still have questions about how the adoption process works in Florida? Contact Adoption by Shepherd Care today for more information. Our team works 24/7, 365 days a year, to help our birth mothers.

Call: 954-833-1706 OR 407-986-1957

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