Are You Pregnant & Feeling Alone? Talk To Our Compassionate Counselors for the Guidance

Pregnant & Feeling Alone? Talk To Our Compassionate Counselors

Are you pregnant & feeling alone? Talk to our compassionate counselors for guidance. It is okay to feel overwhelmed, but it is not okay to go unplanned in your pregnancy. All you need to do is to find adoption agencies in Florida. Find out a local, trusted adoption agency for local adoptions. Contact Adoption by Shepherd Care if you are from Florida.

Adoption by Shepherd Care is currently the oldest adoption agency in Florida. We are a licensed and local adoption agency that has been helping birth mothers since the 1980s. We are a Christian-based agency providing adoption support to clients of all faith backgrounds.

ASC: A Trusted Choice in the Adoption Process

·       It’s okay for you to experience an array of emotions. Remember, you are not alone. Many birth mothers go through an emotional roller coaster ride while giving their children up for adoption in Miami Dade. Adoption By Shepherd Care provides support during this challenging time.

·       It is normal to feel a sense of loss when placing your baby for adoption. You may grieve the dreams and plans you had for your child’s future, as well as the physical bond you shared during pregnancy. Allow yourself to acknowledge these feelings and permit yourself to grieve. It is okay to cry, express anger or sadness, and seek comfort.

·       Finding emotional support is very important during the adoption process. Our dedicated adoption counselor is here for you. They will help you to cope with your emotions before and after the adoption.

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Surround yourself with people who understand your journey and are willing to provide ongoing emotional support. Our adoption counselors are great at lending support to our birth mothers. They will listen to whatever you tell them. So, feel free to talk to them, take their advice, and connect with them as your friend, philosopher, and guide. Contact us whenever you want us to help you. Our team works 24/7, 365 days a year, to guide you.

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